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Monday, September 7, 2009

New year, new ways to avoid revision

Well it is here, 8 days into final year at Med school, only 150 something to finals. One Five Oh...................as in 5 months.............as in argh!

Anyway Block 9, at least I think it is 9, or maybe Year 5 block 1 - yes that is easier, is GP. GP blocks have a reputation for being very boring, very quiet and drinking lots fo tea, much like Psych but with less depressed people. My block is turning out to be anything but...I am on an island for starters, which means no ferries after about 7pm until 7am. This means no ambulances to big A&E and city hospitals. Thus the helicopter (more later)!

This also means that there is no GEMS/Deputising service for Out Of Hours - so the duty GP covers GP emergency, A&E, Minor Surgery, OOH cover and Maternity, as well as Police Surgeon duties. All these have my phone number so I am wondering how many 1am phone calls there will be......

The practice is the only one on the island and covers about 7000 people, 25% are elderly, 14% are kids, and almost 50% appear to have a long term chronic disease of one type or another. So all in all life is not exactly super-quiet here, except after work..... the rush hour is very proportional and seems to focus around ferry arrival and school start / finish times. After about 7pm, the town gets very quiet and up where I am staying, I can hear cars passing on the road about 100 yards away. I can even hear the cows in the adjacent field, though I have not yet noticed the deer which apparently roam the field behind my accommodation.

The practice staff are all friendly, the nurses and receptionists slightly more so than some of the medical staff, who due to their work patterns haven't really seen me much - the on call person ahs the enxt day off, so I only saw my supervisor one day last week - hoping to catch up with her tomorrow to arrange some Phleb sessions with the reception staff on 'study' mornings or where my timetabled stuff doesnt start until 10 or 11.

Considering staying over here for part of a weekend to see how busy A&E is. But looking at diary, doctor on duty rota etc, the only possibilities seem to be staying this Friday night, or coming back on Sunday afternoon this week.

Anyway this week is a right mess. I am back at Depcat hospital to present my SSM research stuff on Wednesday so I need to (gale force winds permitting) head back to the city tomorrow, then meet registrar (who has moved to anotehr hospital) on Wednesday morning, then onto depcat to present the findings, meet Mum and Dad for a carvery meal, then back to the Island on Thursday (5.45am start) til Friday night or Saturday morning.