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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The last thing we needed.....

It seems that someone from my year at Uni has posted somewhere on t'interweb that they have seen the 2010 finals paper.

This seems to have sent faculty chasing their own tail in circles with panic, and thus we have received an email saying that they will now be re-writing the exam paper to ensure no unfair advantage etc whilst saying that they think it unlikely that anyone has actually seen the paper.

Whether re writing means merely swapping the title page on the 'main' and 'resit' papers or long evenings of feverish activity in the admin end of the Med School as well as the library end is to be seen.

After all, all we need at 16 days to go was another minor panic!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching up a bit

After my SSM at DEPCAT hospital (see here) I wrote up the results of my project, and we submitted it to a scientific meeting. Due to my SSM being in Intensive Care stuff, this means that most of the other posters were written by senior registrars, researchers and consultants.

I was thus quite lucky to be one of the 50 chosen to be assessed in the poster competition at a conference in St Andrews yesterday. This did necessitate an early start, but was a really interesting day with some very interesting lectures on H1N1 and the medical responses to it, and then some research presentations from across Scotland - it was also a chance to catch up with staff I had met on SSM and elective over the past 2 years. This networking surely can't be a bad thing when I get to ST applications in 2012!

However back to earth with a bump, and sat revising in the (boiling hot) library of one of the hospitals, and wondering whether my tiredness despite 7 hours sleep is in anyway related to lack of vegetables and fruit in my diet at the moment.

Being in SL in the evening doing past papers and revision does tend to make you a snack food addict - subway, greggs, ready meals, coffee, tea, irn bru, crisps, chocolate ....and hospital food is not much better - the average sandwich contains a bit of lettuce!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The joys of online shopping

3 call centres, 25 minutes and 3 regional accents later I have discovered that my new vacuum (Samsung) is in East Kilbride at the depot as they could not deliver on Thursday as my road was closed. I thus have to go to EK one day this week between 9-5 or 9-12 on Saturday.

Call centres
1. Sainsburys direct - Belfast - amusing irishman and loud colleagues - I could hear the guy next to him talking to a woman ordering a washing machine for SK11 postcode
2. HDNL - Liverpool - very friendly girl, who because their computers were slow, had a 10 minute chat in broad Scouse with me about life and the world and what had I done for new year. her name was Emma.
3. HDNL - East Kilbride - blooming heck, tech them about customer service, the guy belched whilst on the phone.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolved to make a resolution?

Psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire say it is quite normal for nine out ten of us to give up giving up/cutting down/working out in the first few days of January. Those who do keep on keeping on never make it past 77 days anyway, according to the insurer PruHealth (‘Death of the Diet Day’ is March 18, if you’re looking to pencil dinner dates in to your new dairy). But those who don’t bother at all end up healthier, mentally, as they avoid feelings of failure and worthlessness, according to the charity Mind.


Hmmm 5 weeks of work and 4 weeks of exams takes me to just shy of the new years resolution deadline which does imply that any resolutions related to studying may outlast the exam season!

Friday, January 1, 2010

5 star hotels

This next few months will yet again see me visiting some fancy hotels - working, Uni Graduation, Uni Conference, Mum's Birthday, Weddings and such like.
This is the location of the conference in January and it looke very nice, but I worry that it will eb cold and dark when I arrive and likewise when I leave and for all I see of the facilities, woe could have helf it in the old Ruchill hospital.

This is allegedly the location of the 2010 Grad Ball. Looks rather nice and I hope we get fireworks like that, but I fear that they may cost more than the ball will. We were discussing the other day the issue of having to pay now for a Graduation Ball when we an unsure of passing let alone Graduating in July!