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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well 2009 is now a little over 6 hours away and in common with my general state this year I made no plans for tonight and now end up with no actual evening as such. Most of my friends are quite apathetic for new year this year, with a large focus on 'staying in'; 'doing nothing'; 'got no money'; and 'meh'; when I surveyed them.

I have the car so could go to one of the gatherings I know are happening, but that involves going all the way down in Newcastle, or Reading, both of which are a long way. and would cost lots of patrol. I have my House series 3 from Christmas, a warm flat, lots of tea and wine, and a huge pile of ironing, so it could be that I have an interesting evening, unless I get a better offer by text soon. I also have a large street party and concert outside, which if I open the window I can hear perfectly, and should I want to, I could go to with the 2 free 'inconvenience' tickets I get from the organisers.

Looking ahead, 2009 should be a good year:- my last holiday as a student, elective, and SSM, my Child Health block and for the first time in (at least) 12 years......a summer with no exams!

Looking back 2008 was a year of some highs (passing 3rd year, my ICU SSM, my block at seaside hospital - including chicken sewing and fireworks, passing driving test, getting a Car, my Sister's wedding) and lows (death of close friends, death of grandfather).

I liked 2008, it was a good year, but I am looking forward to 2009 so much more.

Random photos

I was in the West End of Glasgow yesterday and took some unusual pictures......


It was quite cold yesterday!

Any ideas?

Does anyone know what this thing on top of a post box is for?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ann On A Mouse

Faculty have sent out an email this week reminding us of the need to remove all identifying patient information from case reports when we hand them in. They have then requested that we do not use initials either.

This causes minor issues in referring to the cases with educational supervisors, and also with supervisors checking the patient details to ensure that we have got the interpretation of investigations correct.

It would also seem to me that 3 blocks into the year is maybe a little late to tell us!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy weeks

The past fortnight have been quite manic so far and seem to have one ongoing pattern...in fact most of this ICU block has focussed around dying. It is a common thing, given that 33% of all ICU admissions die in ICU and 50% before leaving hospital. Also this month has been the one where I had to write a Palliative Care case, and work on a Palliative Care plan for the patient.

As you will have seen from past blog posts, the perceived unfairness of who dies has been something I have been thinking about a fair bit.

Also mixed in with all this has been a variety of random non-Uni stuff, tech for a CMF conference weekend away (where end of life issues, euthenasia, and assisted suicide was one of the main discussion topics - some interesting views and opinions); Origin events in Princes St Gardens - where I kept warm by handing out flyers and shaking an orange bucket; and in St Cuthberts in Edinburgh last weekeend. Then this Monday I was at the launch of a CD recorded at a concert we did in the sumemr, and on Friday is another gig, in Grangemouth. So I''m so looking forward to Saturday for a long lie!