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Monday, August 11, 2008

Meet Katy

Hi everyone....

I've been a bit quiet here recently, with working almost full time and getting ready for the festival and such like I've been a bit busy and life has been bobbing along.

However, one big change has happened so meet Katy....

Yes, I'm sorry to disappoint those of you thinking that I had a girlfriend, but according to my sister, my new car (or Ka) is called Katy. It's great, and after only 4 days I'm noticing how much easier life is, and because i have only had to fill it up once so far I haven't noticed the big expenditure, since most of the 500 miles covered this weekend would have had to have been done , by train or bus, if I had not had the car. It does make the trip home from Edinburgh with lots of stuff easier, if not quicker.

One downside is that I can only park near my flat between 6pm and 8am, which should be ok once on placements, but until then means I have to park a 10-15min walk away outside the parking zone, since my flat wa sonly converted from offices in 2004, after the date that the council decree they will give parking permits for....... and because that 'free' parking is in the 'East End', I'm a bit worried about the car.


Elaine said...

I love your new car, may you have many hours and miles of pleasure with her.

Lily said...

She's so shiny and blue!! Don't tell my car because he'll be upset... but I think that colour blue is the most lovely colour cars can come in!