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Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is lining up to be a nice quiet weekend. Yesterday was a bonus day off, when my supervisors signed me off from the ObGyn block on Thursday, and since they had no clinical activity on the Friday, i decided to have a study day, and i did a bit of the pre-work for a tutorial on Monday, and did the laundry and tidied the flat.

Today is a freezing morning, and we are promised some -5 ish frosts over the weekend which will be fun, so some time today i need to top up on screen wash and de-icer to make sure I can get through the weekend in the car. Today should have a leisurely feel - some shopping, gym, about it until late afternoon, when there is rugby to be won - we can't afford to lose the first match, because with Scotland playing Wales tomorrow, an english victory today would only spur the Welsh on, knowing that they was one team less in the contest for the Grand Slam.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Postal shenanigans

I live in an area covered by the XX1-4 delivery office. I'm expecting a parcel - too big for a letter box.
I was expecting a 'card' and then I;d have to go to the local delivery office - about 10 min walk away, which is open 7.30am-5pm 3 days a week, and 7.30am-12.30pm on the other 3.

But today I got my 'sorry we missed you card' asking me to go to the XX45 Delivery office in Ned-estate. And even then it is only open 8-12 each day! Seems ridiculous.

It is on my way to hospital (kind of, but I risk being late, and I need it asap. It seems stupid that they did not try to deliver it from my local Post Office. So I need to leave 30 minutes earlier, and may get there late!

Clank clank bang bang

What a way to be woken up at 6.31 on a Monday morning. A smattering of snow on the ground, and people building a crane outside your bedroom window (and yes, I am 4 floors up. It seems that the site opposite has now reached a stage when the 'new' building inside the 'old' facade is strong enough to allow the mecanno which has been holding the facade up since August 06, is being taken down - in a very different way, and with a much smaller crane than when it went up. Also, Uni prevents me sitting watching them all day....which was a fun way to revise for the year 2 resits.

This also means that the building is almost finished, meaning my road with return to 2 lanes each direction, allowing for 'off peak' (i.e. 6pm-8am) parking outside my front door once again. This will also later this year see the office block being available for a tenant, the 'upper floors' with their glass walls towards me potentially being occupied, and the ground floor shops, and restaurants opening. Except this is a recession, and a conversion of a similar building in Edinburgh about 2003 left them waiting 5 years for a tenant - and even then they only took one floor of the building.

OOOh this is post 401.