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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Clank clank bang bang

What a way to be woken up at 6.31 on a Monday morning. A smattering of snow on the ground, and people building a crane outside your bedroom window (and yes, I am 4 floors up. It seems that the site opposite has now reached a stage when the 'new' building inside the 'old' facade is strong enough to allow the mecanno which has been holding the facade up since August 06, is being taken down - in a very different way, and with a much smaller crane than when it went up. Also, Uni prevents me sitting watching them all day....which was a fun way to revise for the year 2 resits.

This also means that the building is almost finished, meaning my road with return to 2 lanes each direction, allowing for 'off peak' (i.e. 6pm-8am) parking outside my front door once again. This will also later this year see the office block being available for a tenant, the 'upper floors' with their glass walls towards me potentially being occupied, and the ground floor shops, and restaurants opening. Except this is a recession, and a conversion of a similar building in Edinburgh about 2003 left them waiting 5 years for a tenant - and even then they only took one floor of the building.

OOOh this is post 401.

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Elaine said...

When I saw the heading, I thought your motor had broken down. Glad it wasn't that.