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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Impending birthday

Last night was a friend's 30th Birthday. This isn't the first, second, third or even fourth of my friends to reach this milestone but with my own 30th less than 7 weeks away, I felt this one more than the others.

Discussion flowed as the meal progressed and we came onto the issue of Bucket list and things to do before reaching 30.

I have thus started making my Bucket list but I'm not sure I have the right idea......

1. laundry
2. buy christmas presents for family & friends
3. finish my deep cleaning of the kitchen...

More interesting alternatives welcome, though I'm not sure I have any free Saturday's between now and then in which to achieve them!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mobile blogging

This is my test to see how the mobile blogger app works!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to it, even if 'it' is a grindstone.

Today was back to work after my 2 eeks off, and after 6 weeks away from my base ward. Some patients remained the same, and the seniors haven;t changed. We now have a new FY1, who is a touch scatty especially regarding chasing blood results though.

Today was odd as I started the day in clinic, which is at a different site. This was then followed by our department meeting, so I didn't get to the ward til 2pm, then saw 5 patients on a ward round, made a couple of referrals, checked some bloods and got a new bleep battery. Thus a nice re-introduction to ward life.

Clinic was interesting. It was the general Geri's clinic, which focussed today on people not eating, weight loss investigations and the stubborn-ness of the old. People who find cooking boring, don;t want microwave or packaged meals, refuse family help but look at you and say - 'you need to stop me losing weight before i fade away' adding a cursory 'Doctor' at the end.

Thankfully the Consultant was taking this patient, and I just had to watch and start writing the pile of referrals - the poatient also has poor mobility (catabolism of muscle to provide energy?), a swollen leg with prominent veins and painful shoulder arthritis - thus referrals to dietician, physio, OT, orthopaedics, DVT clinic, Radiology (shoulder Xray) all needed writing.

Then tonight I got home via Tesco, and found that I need to get a grip on my online MSc work as I let it slip when on receiving and holiday. Thus 4hrs so far of paper analysis and reading about good papers and statistics. I will miss this week's online discussion group and paper critical analysis, so I ahev submitted my online review. i also need to start worjking on the statistics MCQ and this week's case of the week - also at internalmeded.org

I also need to make a start on more cleaning of my flat. I have made step one - buying cleaning materials!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holidays are restful?

Well the past two weeks were leave, which has involved driving almost 2000 miles, traveling a further 500 as a passenger, visiting Newcastle, Edinburgh, Perth, Motherwell, East Kilbride, Belfast, Aviemore, Manchester and Kinross.

Manchester was the most geeky part of the whole trip, to see a recording, for radio 4, of Infinite Monkey cage, hosted as ever by Prof Brian Cox and Robin Ince. This live in Manchester episode goes out on 21st November in the afternoon. It was odd being involved in the media production system though - multiple applauses at the end for them to run under the edits as the show as recorded went on for over an hour, and needs to be 28 mins by time of broadcast.

The rest of the holiday was altogether more restful, but even so, I;d still liek another week off before going back into work.