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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holidays are restful?

Well the past two weeks were leave, which has involved driving almost 2000 miles, traveling a further 500 as a passenger, visiting Newcastle, Edinburgh, Perth, Motherwell, East Kilbride, Belfast, Aviemore, Manchester and Kinross.

Manchester was the most geeky part of the whole trip, to see a recording, for radio 4, of Infinite Monkey cage, hosted as ever by Prof Brian Cox and Robin Ince. This live in Manchester episode goes out on 21st November in the afternoon. It was odd being involved in the media production system though - multiple applauses at the end for them to run under the edits as the show as recorded went on for over an hour, and needs to be 28 mins by time of broadcast.

The rest of the holiday was altogether more restful, but even so, I;d still liek another week off before going back into work.

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