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Monday, October 17, 2011

Back to it, even if 'it' is a grindstone.

Today was back to work after my 2 eeks off, and after 6 weeks away from my base ward. Some patients remained the same, and the seniors haven;t changed. We now have a new FY1, who is a touch scatty especially regarding chasing blood results though.

Today was odd as I started the day in clinic, which is at a different site. This was then followed by our department meeting, so I didn't get to the ward til 2pm, then saw 5 patients on a ward round, made a couple of referrals, checked some bloods and got a new bleep battery. Thus a nice re-introduction to ward life.

Clinic was interesting. It was the general Geri's clinic, which focussed today on people not eating, weight loss investigations and the stubborn-ness of the old. People who find cooking boring, don;t want microwave or packaged meals, refuse family help but look at you and say - 'you need to stop me losing weight before i fade away' adding a cursory 'Doctor' at the end.

Thankfully the Consultant was taking this patient, and I just had to watch and start writing the pile of referrals - the poatient also has poor mobility (catabolism of muscle to provide energy?), a swollen leg with prominent veins and painful shoulder arthritis - thus referrals to dietician, physio, OT, orthopaedics, DVT clinic, Radiology (shoulder Xray) all needed writing.

Then tonight I got home via Tesco, and found that I need to get a grip on my online MSc work as I let it slip when on receiving and holiday. Thus 4hrs so far of paper analysis and reading about good papers and statistics. I will miss this week's online discussion group and paper critical analysis, so I ahev submitted my online review. i also need to start worjking on the statistics MCQ and this week's case of the week - also at internalmeded.org

I also need to make a start on more cleaning of my flat. I have made step one - buying cleaning materials!

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