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Saturday, January 31, 2009


One of my supervisors this block has an unusual way of approaching my case reports. Hew anted them in by week 3 and then sat me down went through them and pointed out some errors, but instead of them giving me the mark, he wants them re-written and handed in by mid next week. This gives me both an opportunity to correct those problems, a second chance to worry about introducing more, and a worrying situation of having to tidy up all my cases in one weekend!

Looks like this weekend will be more book based than last weekend.

In an interesting twist, the Med School, and med School Library are shut for most of the weekend (usually we have 24hr access) as the door swipe card machine is broken. A biut annoying for e, but the 5h years are only 2 weeks from finals and are les sthan pleased to have to use main library and their own textboks.

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