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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well a fun weekend in London was had, with Pete, Anna, Jack, Ronnie, Rachel and Jack all being there for part or all the times of fun.

We all started off meeting up... well this was where the fun started. The agreed time was 2pm in 'Lord Moon of the Mall' on Whitehall, or "the wetherspoons near Trafalgar Square" as it was described to me. Despite getting up earliest, traveling furthest and being 20 minutes late, I was stll the first to arrive. Well we all traipsed in one at a time over about an hour, and sat chatting and drinking a bizarre cycle of coffee, juice and drinks. About 4 we decided to take a wander down to the embankment, and along to the South Bank to see the huge book fairs under the bridges. As we walked past Trafalgar Square, we saw a protest of some sort (I suspect gaza related).
The south bank was quite good fun, and we ended up in a small pub near Blackfriars Bridge which was warm, cosy and not too noisy, despite the football on the tv. It took us a while to realise it was cup (itv) and that Car meant Cardiff, nor Carlisle.

Then we headed off, and a few of us went back to Pete's and cooked up some tasty tea. This involved passing through London Bridge, obtaining my very own Oyster Card, and then a wander through the inner east end.

On sunday a more touristy day was planned, with 30 minutes stiuck on a hot tube due to signalling problems. We alighted at Kings Cross, had some tasty lunch, and then ehaded for a wander around Bloomsbury, the british Museum, Soho, the West End, finishing in Leicester Sqaure before I jumped the tube back to Euston for the train. On the way up Oxford St, after passing through Uniqlo, I saw this fantastic shop selling walking sticks and umbrella's. It still had half closing Wednesday and didn't open on Sundays!
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Elaine said...

Sounds like a good time!

Ms-Ellisa said...

London is wonderful...

I miss it.