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Saturday, February 7, 2009


This is lining up to be a nice quiet weekend. Yesterday was a bonus day off, when my supervisors signed me off from the ObGyn block on Thursday, and since they had no clinical activity on the Friday, i decided to have a study day, and i did a bit of the pre-work for a tutorial on Monday, and did the laundry and tidied the flat.

Today is a freezing morning, and we are promised some -5 ish frosts over the weekend which will be fun, so some time today i need to top up on screen wash and de-icer to make sure I can get through the weekend in the car. Today should have a leisurely feel - some shopping, gym, about it until late afternoon, when there is rugby to be won - we can't afford to lose the first match, because with Scotland playing Wales tomorrow, an english victory today would only spur the Welsh on, knowing that they was one team less in the contest for the Grand Slam.

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