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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Over the past 4-5 days, Glasgiw has had weather not seen since last summer - 5 days of lovely warm bright sunshine, and cloudless skies and associated heating up. The difference between night-toime and daytime temperatures at the moment is only about 6C.

And if there is one thing that fells me like an axe, it is humidity.. It has been better the past 2 days, but last week was killing me - waking up with a sodden T-shirt from sweat, the going to work for more of teh same etc. It w as crazy. Thankfully my body seems to be making the necessary adaptations, but I astill drinkibng 5 litres of fluid a day.

However, there has been more sitting in the park enjoying the sunshine this year than I ahve managed before., and I am (dare I say it) even starting to develop a suntan. My memories of past Ednburgh Festivals involve warm sunny afternoon as welkl, so hopefully I can develop a sun tan to at leat look like I might have had an interesting sumemr before I emet up with teh rest of my year group in September to see the oens who have spent 4 weeks in St Lucia, or Australia, Texas or Malta etc.


Dragonfly said...

I want to go to St Lucia, Malta or Texas. Or Glasgow :-)

Elaine said...

Sure the wet t-shirt wasn't hot flushes? ;-) Nah, you are much too young!

Anonymous said...

No posts about Kathleen yet? :P

[the stupid system won't let me log on; but I suspect you can work out who I am...]