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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Contrasting Comedy

Today I went across to see stuff at the Edinburgh festival (as opposed to doing stuff at the festival). I went to see 2 Fringe shows, both comedy, of very different styles.

The first one was Roy Walker from Catchphrase, who did a very good show at the Assembly Rooms, it was all about his life and career with many anecdotes and jokes, and jokes that other comedians had taught him. He was 'teatime on a Saturday' style comedy throughout. He even finished off with a game of Catchphrase, and his 'Car Park Catchphrase' from the Chris Moyles show. Sadly I was not quick enough to win a T-shirt.

One of Roy Walkers comments was that Comedians of his era told jokes, while Comedians today have more of a narrative style. So it was wirth Richard Herring, whose 17th Fringe show (The Headmaster's Son) was focussed very much on his life, wityh lots oif self analysis, some risquee subjects and the feeling that itw as half therapy and half a comedy show. All very funny but equally sometimes uncomfoirtable and disturbing.

All in all a good day out, some nice (half price) food and good comedy. Part 2 is next Friday!

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