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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week 1 at the Seaside!

My laptop logs me into Blogger automatically and I had thus forgotten my password, so down at Seaside hospital i was unable to post this week because I could not remember my password, and there is no wifi except for Health Board computers.


Functional is the best description, dated is another. It is just uncared for. Not that it is dirty, or even dangerous, it just ahs no owner and thus no proper care. They have bought new LCD TV with built in DVD player though, so it is not all bad! We Surgical students are spread between 4 house on a cul de sac, with normal people living in the other houses whoich are/were local aauthority social housingm, though some maybe let to short term doctors from oevrseas who are working at the hospitals as well.

We get a lot, but mostly of the tutorial kind, with only a few examples of bedside teaching. This we stalk the wards late at night (ok, 5.15pm) looking for patients and such like to examine. We also get (another) 5 day course in the care of critically ill patients, but this one includes a day in SIM-MAN up at the angry hospital.

Well I stayed down for all 4 days and did not miss my flat too much, except for the broadband and freeview the latter will hopefully be solved by taking my box with me).

Tuesday night is pub quiz at 9pm; the FY1's also enter a team, They came second and the 2 teams of medical students (both teams were a mix of medical and surgical students) came joint 3rd, but the other team beat us in the tiebreak! Wednesday and Thursday, we watched Silent Witness and muttered about the pretentious Medical Student in it (so clearly at a London Med School) and also tried to second guess the plot twists.

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