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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well 2009 is now a little over 6 hours away and in common with my general state this year I made no plans for tonight and now end up with no actual evening as such. Most of my friends are quite apathetic for new year this year, with a large focus on 'staying in'; 'doing nothing'; 'got no money'; and 'meh'; when I surveyed them.

I have the car so could go to one of the gatherings I know are happening, but that involves going all the way down in Newcastle, or Reading, both of which are a long way. and would cost lots of patrol. I have my House series 3 from Christmas, a warm flat, lots of tea and wine, and a huge pile of ironing, so it could be that I have an interesting evening, unless I get a better offer by text soon. I also have a large street party and concert outside, which if I open the window I can hear perfectly, and should I want to, I could go to with the 2 free 'inconvenience' tickets I get from the organisers.

Looking ahead, 2009 should be a good year:- my last holiday as a student, elective, and SSM, my Child Health block and for the first time in (at least) 12 years......a summer with no exams!

Looking back 2008 was a year of some highs (passing 3rd year, my ICU SSM, my block at seaside hospital - including chicken sewing and fireworks, passing driving test, getting a Car, my Sister's wedding) and lows (death of close friends, death of grandfather).

I liked 2008, it was a good year, but I am looking forward to 2009 so much more.

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