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Monday, March 16, 2009

SSm starts tomorrow

In a follow up to this, tomorrow I start my SSM at DepCat hospital in ICU.

It is an audit, and now I have a title, a topic, and a pile of reading at tall as a house! I also have a questionnaire I composed to gather the data and now need to design a spreadsheet to put it all into. In some ways a database might be more useful, but I;m not sure how to extract data from that and this needs to be more about the data than the process. It is essentially a 'paper' audit with no actual changes to practice in the unit until we reach some conclusions, but could involve going back through 720 patient records (or 300 patient notes) hopefully though this might be nice and easy and come in a spreadsheet itself from the labs.

Although I did my ssm in ICU before christmas, thatw a s abig city ICU with tertiary centres, and high level professorial input. This next one is a much smaller unit, with more paper based recrds, so it may be something of a change. For a start not all the staff wear scrubs....and I might not get to either.

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