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Monday, March 16, 2009

Housekeeping or the house and uni

Well in this weekend between blocks, I tried to be productive... after taking the car to the garage early on Saturday (such a short night) I decided to start cleaning the kitchen, including scrubbing the hob, scrubbing, hoovering and mopping the laminate floor throughout the living area, cleaning my desk, scrubbing the bathroom, and then hoovering the bedroom and tidying everything away from the bedroom surfaces I felt that things were going better, so on Sunday I printed all the Uni notes I did not recollect printing and found the matching lecture notes from this year and started filing them. Despite lectures only once every 5 weeks, the pile already almost fills a ring binder.

The notes on clinical skills are less organised because due to the nature of this year, they become more integrated into normal notes... I need to work out how to formalise and organise the notes from placements as well into a form from which I can revise when the time comes.

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