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Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching up a bit

After my SSM at DEPCAT hospital (see here) I wrote up the results of my project, and we submitted it to a scientific meeting. Due to my SSM being in Intensive Care stuff, this means that most of the other posters were written by senior registrars, researchers and consultants.

I was thus quite lucky to be one of the 50 chosen to be assessed in the poster competition at a conference in St Andrews yesterday. This did necessitate an early start, but was a really interesting day with some very interesting lectures on H1N1 and the medical responses to it, and then some research presentations from across Scotland - it was also a chance to catch up with staff I had met on SSM and elective over the past 2 years. This networking surely can't be a bad thing when I get to ST applications in 2012!

However back to earth with a bump, and sat revising in the (boiling hot) library of one of the hospitals, and wondering whether my tiredness despite 7 hours sleep is in anyway related to lack of vegetables and fruit in my diet at the moment.

Being in SL in the evening doing past papers and revision does tend to make you a snack food addict - subway, greggs, ready meals, coffee, tea, irn bru, crisps, chocolate ....and hospital food is not much better - the average sandwich contains a bit of lettuce!

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