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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Holidays and sleep.

This week I am off work (yipee), and off Uni (yipee). However all has not gone as planned. However it is nice not to have to get up early in the morning, however I still did, in fact I woke earlier and went to bed earlier than I manage during term time. Why is it that when I want to sleep late, and have the time to I can't and when I do have to get up, my head is full of jelly at 7am and I can't wake up.

Family stuff
My holiday will be a bit interesting, since due to the death of my grandfather, next Monday will be a family funeral. This will be a sad day, but also good as I get to see my cousins and we can all remember the good times we had with my Grandpa and have a good time (I hope!) It is amazing what I have found out over the past few days about him - some which I knew and some which I didn't:
  • First Male Nurse in his hospital (this is apparently noted on a plaque in the Dining Room)
  • Various and assorted stories of his Naval service - he had a collection of his and his father's medals kept in a sock drawer which he hadn't mentioned to anyone
  • The great esteem in which he was held by his 'charges' when working as a 'house parent' at a Boarding School in India, and how those 'children' used to call in to see him and my Gran when they were in the UK - often 10 or 12 visits per year.
  • The charity he had when going abroad at the age of almost 65 to work as a missionary nurse in a hospital on the Zimbabwe / Zambia border to cover because they had a gap of 6months between staff.
  • The care for my Gran as she developed dementia, and he himself struggled with his own failing health.
I don't want to paint him as a great hero, but it is true what people say that often we don;t know our relatives well until they are gone.

Clothes Nightmare

On a more positive note I have to go shopping for a 'suitable coat' for the funeral as my mum put it - apparently my worn out 4 year old waterproof is not suitable. However I fear I will have my standard problem with clothes........my legs are too short for my shape........therefore trousers either need shortening, or I need stretching. Thankfully I have until next Monday, so I will start the shopping tomorrow - thank goodness for M&S. I also need some new jeans and T-shirts........how long til next pay day?

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