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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Elective falls through

As part of our course we do junior and senior electives which take place after the end of years 3 and 4. Each is 4 weeks long. For various reasons both these elective periods happen at the exact same time of year, so there is certain competition as 500 students all want electives in the same 8 week period.

Basically my plans have fallen through. I emailed my potential supervisor in February and was told "Yeah. it is fine, we will email you nearer the time"; well we now need to send a form to the Med School Office proving that we have a supervisor etc. This needs to be in by 1st May to give them 8 weeks to check details etc before we start the electives at the end of June. I emailed my erstwhile supervisor on Tuesday and today got a reply from one of his colleagues saying that they already had a student working with them, and I should have made my application earlier than the end of April. So clearly they have had some internal communication issues(!) Maybe I should have pushed earlier, harder etc.

So now I have Friday and Monday to organise a replacement elective, around ******** - can't afford 4 weeks anywhere expensive, since this is viewed as outline the teaching time and thus not eligible for Student Loan / Student Support. Thus I need to be able to keep on my part-time job at weekends / evening as well as being on elective 8-5, since the mortgage and food bills won;t pay themselves.

So I need to find a specialty, supervisor and project within 96 hours, get agreement, get the form filled in and returned to Faculty and all this while writing two 2,000 word essays about community-hospital interactions in the management of a patient i have studied, and revising for the written papers, and the OSCE's.

Ain't life great, excuse me while I go for a long walk off a short pier!

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