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Friday, April 20, 2007

Meeting an old-style consultant.

Today we had an old-school consultant for PBL, in fact we will have him until the exams. He wasn't there last week because he hadn't been told that term had started again. He was only free today until 2.30. The session is timetabled for 2-4ish. He swept in at 2.10pm, and spoke for near enough 5 minutes without breathing or interuption to tell us why he wasn't there last week, the fact he to operate somewhere else and had to leave at 2.30, and that the person with him was his Specialist Registrar (SpR) who would finish our PBL session today, but had never taken a PBL tutorial before.

The SpR did not speak while the consultant was in the room, and the consultant called him "Mr ...." and indeed asked that we all address him as "Mr ...." which all seemed a little odd, in these days of first name terms around the NHS.

Even during the PBL briefing, he kept moving us along and saying "Well you would have asked for ...." and "The results for the tests were ..." without giving us time to explore which investigations we wanted, or the chance to interpret the results we were given.

We got through everything, but it was a very unusual PBL, though maybe the first of many.

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