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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Domestic Bliss

On Monday night, just as I was getting everything ready for Uni on Tuesday, I remembered that I am in hospital on 4 days this week, and thus need a clean smart shirt on 4 days.
I knew I needed to Iron my two shirts, so got the ironing board out during scrubs, and plugged th iron in. It was dead - no light!!!!

I changed the fuse, I tried another socket, but no, it was dead.

So I put the shower on full hot, and hung both shirts in there for 20 minutes and let the steam do its work.

Then on Tuesday I bought myself a new Iron at Comet. You can spend up to £149 on an Iron, or as little as £7.99, but that one looked a bit plastic so I paid £19.99 for a Philips "steam, shot iron with vertical steam to refresh hanging garment" Iron. It has a 300ml tank, can be filled from the tap directly and generates 80grams/second steam. I have no idea if that is good, bu it ironed my shirts!

Since I was in work that night, I went to see Little Miss P who seemed less impressed with my new Iron that I might expect, but since she had been prodeed and poked and injected by the NHS that day, maybe she just didn't want to see another NHS person?

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