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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Political balance.,....

And lest anyone thinks that my post the other day was designed to stop you voting SNP, look at this video. Its by the SNP but it neatly sums up why I would love to see either a rainbow coalition of smaller parties or, at least a definite change in the direction that the Scottish Executive pursues on health, social justice and community cohesion.

As one of the party politicians has said on TV this week, I have two slogans for the public:

"No Vote, no Voice"
"Vote. Vote for me, vote against me, just vote"

and in this, the 200th anniversary of the end of slavery, and the first steps to all people in the UK being treated equally, and allowed to vote, I'd like to add my voice - think about it, and whether your election is for a parish councilor, an elected mayor, an MSP or a Welsh Assembly Member, go and vote.

For Scotland or Wales, check out the party's health policies - what kind of NHS do you want, centralised, de-centralised, clinician led, management led, community hospitals, or specialist centres?

So come Friday, will I live in a Nationalist utopia, half way to Independence? I doubt it.


Ms-Ellisa said...

Voting is important - I believe people ought to care of what is happening around them and should use their right to influence on the decisions made for their land.

DundeeMedStudent said...

hey found you through the little medic.

I hope we get a hung parliament, with lots of little parties gaining seats, however after see the front covers of today's Sun and Daily record I don't think that's going to happen and we'll just have more Lib/Lab. boo.

dr_dyb said...

Well its all to wait now and being the sad git I am, I am doing tomorrows double PBL and watching the results come in.

DundeeMedStudent said...

so looks like we won't find out today! what with all the computers breaking, which wasn't a surprise.