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Saturday, May 26, 2007

SSM Week 1 (2)

Ear volume and pressure chart

Yesterday we visited the Hearing Aid clinic and sat in on a session with the Audiologist. Since he had two Audiometry students in, who have clinical exams coming up, he let them practice their examination techniques on us to give us an idea of the procedures and how they feel for a patient.

Audiogram of Right ear

Shown here are my charts for my right ear audiometry, both ear volumes and pressures (indicating that my hearing is normal and that I have un-perforated ear drums). They also took a mould from which a hearing aid ear mould could be made. This is done by injecting blue silicon into the ear canal them leaving it to harden. The picture does not do this wonderful toy any justice.

Mould of the inside of my right ear.

As we left, the Audiologist told me I looked too happy to have these exciting toys and souvenirs of my visit, but did tell me that the world needed people who got excited that easily. We are back next week, when we get to sit in on a session on programming a new type of hearing aid. I think I;m starting to like Medicine again.

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Smeddlesboy said...

This has to be your best blog post *ever*!