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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Are they adults or children?

At work at the moment, I hear there is chaos breaking out. No not because the pizza oven was broken, or because of the rat, or because we have no cheese for pizzas.

But basically two of our 17yo new starts are picking on (through their Bebo) on another member of staff who is "bisexual and curvy"> I as the old grumpy member of staff on the department told all 3 to behave themselves. I would provide links to the Bebo accounts, but those of you who also work in that place will know who I mean, and those who don't well it's best you don't get involved.

The member of staff being picked on now has her Boyfriend joining her side and slagging off the other two. I predict bloodshed, or worse still a massive decrease in work rate (this would actually be almost impossible, but anyway).

If I could, I;d bang their heads together, but one is too pretty & posh (friends with Robbie Coltrane's kids dotcha know*), one is a bit aggressive for that, and well you don't really want to bash the other one, it would be nasty.

*According to our van driver


BB said...

Quite clearly there's only one responsible way to settle this.

Fight in my chill one night when I'm in.

I'll have the cages, carts, pallets and racking cleared to a side and have the floor machine ready to clean up the blood.

I call that a potentially happy ending.

dr_dyb said...

We could bring Ian in as Referee. Better choose a night when produce will be amenable to it. One of them is off to cashiers tomorrow, so hopefully things will calm down.

the little medic said...

Aahhh, social networking sites and bullying.

Having been subject to this myself I think I can say for certain that the bullies are even more immature than normal bullies!