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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The master plan

Well after a one week break since my SSM, mostly filled with busyness of one sort or another, tomorrow will be the start of 3rd year revision part II.

My plan is to do a summary of each PBL onto one/two sides of paper. (I know I have done it once, but this way it actually has to pass through my head. I think i will also make a major effort to integrate my clinical notes (such as they are), my Labs and my PBL stuff. Hopefully it will all work out.

So starting from tomorrow I have 20 days until my elective starts. taking off 2 days for 'day of rest' each week, leaves 18. This year we covered 33 PBL scenarios. I would therefore hope to actually be finished in nearer to 11/12 days and have time then to learn each one before starting my Elective.

I demand to be held to this plan by you my blog-readers!


PhilT81 said...

Stop reading blog comments and get studying.

BB said...

Fine then master Dave, if you don't follow the plan I will boot you in the stanes with my steelies.

Or shout at you.

Or throw stale bread at your persons.

Or just scowl and look disappointed.

Or not buy you drinks until you meet your high criteria.

Remember, you can do it, otherwise you'll be supervisor!