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Saturday, June 30, 2007

RIP Fopp

It appears that Fopp is no more. According to the BBC, and more reliably, friends, the doors were shut today. Their store opposite work was always a great place to go during medium length breaks (30 minutes) at the weekend to browse the Cds and DVDs.

The staff didn't seem to mind if you didn't actual buy anything either. The picture used by some news organisations of the Fopp store above is actually the one opposite work which also has a random flower stall outside.

Yes there are other music stores, though with MusicZone shutting as well, there are fewer choices, and yes there are internet stores such as Play.com, or downloads, but nothing will quite be the same as Fopp - the random stuff they sold, the general ambience which reminded me too much of the film Tower records.

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DundeeMedStudent said...


I go away for a wee holiday and Fopp closes- where will I get 3 year old albums for a fiver now??