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Friday, June 29, 2007

Taking opinions

Several people have been in contact with me this week about my resits. All of whom I have listened to. Some were difficult to ignore (my Dad does loud quite well on the phone), others would have been easier but there was this nagging feeling of knowing they were right. So I have now been told several 'home truths', which I knew but didn't think other people did.

  1. Most of my friends don't want me to work in supermarket forever
  2. Little Miss P, Butcher Boy and the people at work all tell me that my career comes first - even my work supervisor said that when i applied for 5 weeks LoA.
  3. These exams are my one remaining chance.
  4. I shouldn't just set out to be a Doctor, but to be the best Doctor that I can be (if not the best overall) was the clear message eminating from my friend in Shetland.
  5. Throwing it all away for 'irrelevancies' would entail being 3 years behind in terms of employment prospects and £30,000 worse off with the same in student debt.
  6. If I do give up work, the finances will work themselves out somehow
  7. I have always wanted to be a Doctor, I shouldn't risk it for anything.
So I think the message from my various friends has been quite clear!

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