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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good days....

Saturday was a bizarrely good day.

On Friday I fell asleep soon after getting in from Hospital (about 5). I woke up at 1am, feeling rather awake and energised, and pottered about for a bit, then tried to get back to sleep but it wasn't happening.

So I decided to start Uni work at 4am. So i worked 4am-12, had lunch and took a visit up to work to laugh, sorry, see some friends, then went to the Med school where I yet again spent about 4 minutes working out the correct combination of scan card, enter pin and press hash, which makes the door open.

At 4pm I met Butcher boy for a Frappucino in the local Starybucks, he was not impressed with his introduction to icy coffee. I also ate a whole slice of rocky road....without getting chocolate all over my fingers - a first!

I then went back to the Med school, before deciding at 8, that since Little Miss P, g-star, Stefan and Sarah (Stefan and Sarah need nicknames - please help!) were all in curlers, and were texting me, and since I had done about 15 hours work and more than I planned, that I would join them at 8 not 10.

So I went via subway as I was starving, and managed to make a bottle of Magners last about 3 hours. Little Miss p went home tired at 10, when Butcher Boy, the tattooed drinker and Paul arrrived from work.

I left, shattered at 11, and headed home via the chip shop, then fell into bed at half twelve. A 23-hour day is long and exhausting but you can achieve a lot!

My jobs list for Monday (my non-elective day this week) is getting bigger:
  • see adviser of studies at 9.30
  • hair cut
  • go to bank
  • complete list of topics still to be revised
  • food shopping
  • ironing
  • house insurance
  • driving lessons
  • dentist
  • remember to move money to pay mortgage

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