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Saturday, August 11, 2007


My holiday begins today. As I have only 2 weeks, i am trying to cram a lot in!

Tonight I am off over to Edinburgh to see a festival fringe show - The Amateur transplants - a selection of amusing and risque songs performed by two medics from London. Butcher boy is also going and we are hoping to grab a meal at monster mash before the show starts After that I am helping with the get-in for a festival show tomorrow night, then catching the train back to here. Getting in about 1.

Tomorrow I am catching a train to Wolverhampton (or Wulvramptun as they call it) there meeting Mum Dad and my grandad and going to see my grandad for the rest of the day and evening. Then on Monday, Mum is going home to work and dad and I are going to the lakes for 2 days walking etc before heading back to Newcastle on Wednesday. On Thursday I am trekking back up to Edinburgh for Coffee then a DIME training evening before making it back to my flat some time Thursday night.

With any luck, my new laptop will arrive on Friday and Butcher Boy and I can hopefully resurrect the PC on next Sunday so I will then have a couple of days before results come out to sort the PC etc in the hope that i have made it into 4th year. I also have a pile of dry cleaning to do, and minor jobs to do around the flat - major food shopping, buying a George Foreman Grill and and a trip to IKEA. Next Friday is also my leaving night from work.


Cal said...

OOh, I've not been on nice long lakeside walks... I really should get around to doing that...

PhilT81 said...

Two options for George Foreman grills.

1) Buy the Hulk Hogan grill instead which is a better machine but also more expensive and probably too large for your needs.

2)Buy a G5 George Foreman grill off of Bid.tv or price-drop.tv as you'll get it way below RRP. You don't have to actually watch the TV channel.