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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back in the big city

Well I'm back in my flat. It is funny how a week away can make even simple things look totally different. Firstly the hall was covered in post from Banks, magazines, Unions, BMA, Power companies (more on that later), Student loans and my P45 form being an OSCE model in June. I have to say that my heart skipped a beat when I saw another University of XX franked envelope!!

Then I discovered that i hadn't set the dishwasher off before leaving and thus had to do that as it was awful inside. I had however remembered to shut the fridge and freezer doors and turn the power off to other things (but not the fridge and freezer!)

My week away was a strange time - a time of contemplation, thinking, reflection and some relaxation - as much as you can have when with your parents and dragged out to various places to stop you 'moping'....ok activity is good, but sleeping would also have been nice!

We walked the coast, along rivers and went by Train to Settle, from Carlisle...it was fairly scenic... I also drafted my written statement to the Progress Committee (of which more later) and saw my sister who was down fleetingly for wedding planning. This allowed me to hitch a lift back as far as Linlithgow with her, before catching the train back home, and arriving just in time to discover that tomorrow morning is the Fresh n Lo 13mile race and it starts outside my flat - what fun! The last 2 years i have been working in East Lothian this weekend of the year and managed to miss the race!

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Elaine said...

Welcome back, and good luck!