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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I have been putting this post off, because it makes me look bad..... I had all day today to do 2 jobs, then I was going to head to Rev tonight with butcher boy, sarah, chris, michael etc (That tattooed drinker stupidly agreed to do a nightshift).

However due to the new laptop I have failed to complete the second task and it is now 11.47pm.... I could just complete it by midnight but have done not much else all day. Well I did do stuff, just not the two earmarked tasks.........

Tomorrow I have 2 tasks to do:
1. Deliver a DVD to Edinburgh
2. Make my way to Mum & Dad's

Hopefully I can manage these without procrastination.


BB said...

Shame on you sir!

Rev was once again, very pleasing!

Ms-Ellisa said...

My opinion is that this time of year really calls for procrastination...