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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's just another manic Monday

After my exciting weekend in Edinburgh, and the end of my 2 weeks of being a vidiot, sound etch and general madness, today I had a day off. this morning I met up with Ashurr and his owner and we went for coffee and stuff and chatted about stuff and then I got the train back from Stirling, only falling asleep 3 times. It was handy that I had been to Al & Sara's wedding on Saturday as I had an extra bag to fall asleep over.

The wedding was great - good singing, a real sense of happiness, and they both looked so happy and awww loveliness, it even warmed my cold heart! They also had a police visit as the parked cars outside the church had narrowed the (normally busy) road to one lane for about half a mile, and traffic was meeting in the middle......

Today, when I got back, I fell asleep again, the met Butcher Boy for a coffee, before he headed off to his postgrad stuff about criminals, then I went to tesco, came home and fell asleep again.

Also at the wedding, I saw Dr Tiddlywinks, who was a medic doing my Honours year as his Intercalated. Was good to see him (I was at his wedding last year) and we (again) made a promise to meet up sometime soon for dinner, maybe with Dr A as well.

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