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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Open wide

I need to see a dentist.

I've not seen one in over 3 years, because I used to go to my childhood one, but then he wet private and Mum & dad only registered themselves. Also, being 250 miles from your dentist isn't good. More immediately I need one as I have worn down one of my fillings so now very hot or cold food result in pain.

What is the issue?
I can't afford private dental care, so I need to find a dentist with an NHS list. Call me snobby, but more NHS dentists tend to be in less nice areas of town, and miles from home and/or Uni. The ones near Uni are expensive private ones. And the ones near home in the city centre are mostly also expensive and private.
What's wrong with the free NHS dental hospital?
Firstly i should let you know that I hate injections in my mouth - I smashed my front 2 teeth as a wee kid, and had 3 years of root canal treatment and caps so I had hundreds of injection in my upper gums and hate it.
Secondly I like dentists who a) know what they are doing and b) have only ever had one dentist from the age of 2-22, so i feel nervous about finding a new one. Also i know what state Med students are in in the morning, and I worry that dental students will be the same.

Ok, so why be picky?
I acted as hand-holder to the blu one when she needed dental treatment last year (she is scared of dentists beyond belief) and saw that some dentists are friendly, let you watch TV etc, and all on the NHS. In fact if I thought having a dentist in Edinburgh was a good idea, i would have gone along with her choice of dentist.
So have you any hopefuls?
Well after a google search and consulting the NHS lists from the health board I have found a possible dentists on the Southside, in Burnside. So I;m gonna phone them in the morning.


Anonymous said...

I smashed a front tooth as a kid, had the whole root cannal/crown thing but in the end needed a bone augment and tooth implant - not pleasant at all. Thankfully my rents paid for me to go private so it got dealt with quickly.

This probably hasnt helped at all, but i just wanted you to know - i share your pain dude.

dr_dyb said...

As a now 25 and a bit year old, private ain't gonna be an option! When I did my teeth in, about 16 years ago now (I feel old) my NHS dentist was great, from seeing me as an emergency patient through 5 years of regular appointment, cap falling off, mental implanting into my gums to build caps on etc. but sadly he;s 250 miles away now!