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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Unlike many Med students, I am not a zealot about smoking - for starters, I would have had few friends in high school, sixth form, scouts, Uni or work if I hadn't frequented with those who smoked. As long as they know the risks, I honest;y fail to see the problem. After all drinking, eating and not exercising are more likely to kill you, and anyway sick people = more work in the future - I call it 'security of employment'. I have never smoked and don't see the attraction of it, and never want to smoke, but as long as my friends realise the damage they are causing, I don't feel the need to endanger my friendship with them by going on about the issue.

Tonight I have had a horrendous flashback to the days before Sunday 26th March 2006. That wonderful day was the day when smoking in enclosed public places was banned in Scotland. Since then, trips to the pub and coffee shops, stations, hotels and trains have all been refreshingly smoke free. Today I was round at Little Miss P's along with Butcher Boy, the Tattooed Drinker, and others. Little Miss P smokes, and since it is her flat, no one can stop her, but we had 3 smokers there and I have just got home with my throat hurting, eyes watering and red, nose blocked, and having to febreeze my jeans before I can wear them again.

At least when my friends drink in an antisocial manner, when you leave them you don;t bring the problem home with you and the health problems are restricted to you avoiding them when they fall over, and making sure they don't puke on your shoes....

Ah the sacrifices of Friendship.

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Anonymous said...

ditto to that. i spent a year living with the most antisocial smoker I've ever known. Wasn't as bad for me as it was for the asthmatic we lived with...