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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The joys of dentists

For the past 3 months I have been trying to find an NHS dentist near where I live, or near Uni.

Due to living in the middle of town there are few NHS dentists (if any) around the place, and the nearest ones are in some of the less nice areas surrounding the city centre, or in the opposite direction from uni with poor transport links.

There are lots who have websites saying they do take on NHS patients, but upon phoning you discover that they only do that in March for one week.

So this week I tried phoning further afield, and still found that most of those I could get numbers for are taking on private patients only. This leaves me in a quandry:
1) Bite the bullet and pay up for a monthly dental plan
2) Risk not having a dentist and having to go to the dental hospital if it goes wrong.
3) Go to a dentist miles away, who takes on NHS patients.
4) Keep looking - this one kinda links with number 2!


Elaine said...

Sympathy! It took me 4 years of private denistry before I found an NHS dentis. I have to say that the current treatment I get is better than that of any private dentist I came across (who seemed to be no more than an NHS dentist who charged more withot offering more.)

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding one Dr dyb. I've never been to an NHS dentist, as there aren't any near my home.

DundeeMedStudent said...

NHS dentistry in Scotland!!!
you'll be lucky.

I've been without a dentist for 5 years I got bumped of the list when I hit 18. such is life...