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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I passed one exam in 2007.......

As part of my master plan to learn to drive, I had to sit my theory test and hazard perception test. Again! As part of my last masterplan to drive I sat the same tests in may 2003, and passed but then it became the uni holidays and then into BSc Honours year and I never got round to booking the final few lessons I needed to get ready for my practical test. Anyway, here we are, 4 years down the road and 9 years after I was first able to sit the test, and 2 years after my theory test (from 2003) expired.

In the last 4 years they have lengthened the test, but I got 46 or more (out of 50) in all my practice Theory tests without looking at the Highway code! However Hazard perception was something different and i spent most of 30th December practicing these tests, and getting less than 40 in every case (pass is 48/75).

After a night with very little sleep (read none) I turned up at the test centre at 8.10 on New Years Eve. there were a surprising number of people who appeared to have chosen to end their year with a Theory Test! I had half toyed with not going, since I had failed all the Hazard Perception bits but since you lose your money I you don't go, I thought "What the heck!" and went and sat it.

I wasn't sure how the Hazard part had gone, so i came out and collected my results sheet:
    • Theory Test: 48/50 PASS is 44/50
    • Hazard Perception: 57/75 PASS is 48/75
So now all I have to do is keep going with the lessons and maybe I can pass the Practical test soon, and before my self imposed deadline.

Still it was nice to PASS one exam in 2007..........

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