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Thursday, January 17, 2008

We live in interesting times...

...well not really, but we try.

This week has been fairly mundane at Uni - with some moments of brilliance.

Our consultant appeared - for the first time in our clinical practice on his ward (this was week 7 - we're there every Monday morning). He was nicer than we had been led to expect, and was more like a registrar in many respects than a consultant. NHSGG&C haven't yet adopted a bare below the elbows policy, but most younger medical staff have lost their ties and are looking decidedly smart/casual these days. Sadly the medical school do not give us the same options.

We went to clerk in and examine 2 patients, then report back to one of the FY2 who was ok, but liked to talk a lot and kept interupting our history's. Neither case was simple, but one was at least alert awake and 'with it'.

PBL in teh afternoon was just boringly normal.

This day started badly - my genetics workshop wasn't til 2, but I had to go to Cambuslang to get my camera from the courier company. In the case of this particular courier company, I know they didn't try my buzzer when they attempted delivery because I know I was in when they claimed to have called. they used to have a depot midway between me and Uni which was handy to go to to collect parcels, but the trip to Cambuslang took me 90 minutes and £4 on the train. i am less than happy at the idea of doing this every time I do an internet order.

At lunch time I met little miss P & the tattooed drinker for food before my workshop. The old work standard watering hole (midway between work and Uni) was closed, so we ventured a little further down to a 'Sports Bar' which opened about 6 months ago in an old snooker hall. butcher Boy and I had been here before and the Lasagne on that occasion was rather tasty.

Today we opted for the 'Homemade burgers'. The barman/waiter came over rafter 10 minutes too apologise for the delay as the chef was making the burgers. This sounded very promising. When they eventually came they were lovely - moist in fact as the tattooed drinker put it - with a great flavour and peppers and herbs running through it. It was the best burger I have tasted in many many a year. Sadly I had to wolf mine down in 5 minutes in order to make it back to uni for my workshop, which was Genetics and fairly straightforward.

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the little medic said...

fucking useless delivery people not bothering to ring the bell. That really fucks me off!