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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


On the day that my student body elected someone with an alcohol problem to represent us to the University, we 3rd years had a session on alcohol, addiction, treatment and also a personal story from a GP who has alcohol dependency. Of these, the GP was the most listened to, with less talking and noise from the back rows. The GP referred to their realisation that they had a problem; their attempts to abstain; their family background; the effect on their patients and colleagues and the support from other addicts within the profession.

This was actually a really good end to the session as it brought together the 'academic'' talks about epidemiology, aetiology, genetics dependence syndrome, co-morbidities, treatment and management. This PBL has also been interesting as it also looked at the responsibilities of us to our colleagues if they have issues which affect their ability to do their job. The scenario was in a GPO setting, which is harder as the line manager is not so clearly defined.

As ever the advice seems to be, call the BMA advice line, call your Defence Union, talk to the person concerned, then call your Clinical director, and/or the GMC if needed.

Anyway, I'm, sure Charles, the GUU and the LibDemSoc will be celebrating with a few glasses tonight.

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