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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter........a time of new growth

Easter is traditionally seen as a sign of new life - both religiously, and also with its position in the year, near the start of spring (though to be fair with it being so early this year, and the northerly winds and snow, one could be forgiven for wondering if it was Winter).

Thus it is a time when one is supposed to think of pruning back deadwood and clearly out some of teh rubbish to create room for the new shoots. So today I did a load of filing - bank statements, credit card statements, O2 Bills, Electricity, Student Loans Rubbish, BMA stuff, Bectu stuff, old Somerfield pay slips etc. Now my 'to do' tray on my desk only has Uni stuff in it. that means a fair intensive 10 days of uni notes and such like to do before Uni starts again.

My first challenge therefore is to actually make it into the Library most days this week fairly early in the morning, possibly even before 9. Let's see how I do....


Lily said...

Oh if only I had your motivation! I've spent the last week staring at stacks of paperwork and I just can't be bothered!

Anonymous said...
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