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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tea breaks

On Monday, when we arrived at the hospital, the new parking charges were in force and we spent ages going round and round, then parked in the staff car Park....well actuallym, the new shiny signs said 'Staff Permits Only' but teh smaller yellow plastic temporary sign said 'Patient / Visitor parking'. Similar yellow signs all round teh site are covered in moss, so they may not be the most recent.

Upon getting to the Education wing, we discovered that the decorators are in, and have requisitioned the med Students computer / PBL etc room as their own, as it has a code lock on the door. Thus the med students are displaced into a seminar room, which we can't use all the time, has a key lock, and which to be fair doesn't put up much resistance to a firm shoulder charge.

When we get there, the decorators are drinking tea, and have a tressel table with lining paper on it out in the hallway.

When we come back at the start of our break between teaching and PBL, they are still drinking tea, or maybe coffee, and a tub of wallpaper paste has joined the tressel table, but no obviously new bots of lining paper have appeared on the walls.

When we come back for PBL, having spent the intervening break in the canteen, as we can't use the library or computer room (the computers are piled up in the lecture theatre with no net access), the decorators are again drinking tea and moaning about no where cold to keep the milk....and asking us if we know where there might be a fridge they could use. We all resist the urge to suggest the mortuary......

By the end of PBL, in a freezing cold Lecture Theatre - after pressing lots of buttons i eventually found the heating controls and got the PC to turn on, one painter was painting the ceiling, and the others were packing the lining paper and wallpaper paste away as it was nearly 4, or as we might call it, 2.55.......

Meanwhile the teaching had a distinct cardiology bent to it this week, with the first half spent in CCU, talking to a patient who had had a stroke last year and an MI at the weekend, and the looking at many many ECGs and trying to ID an inferior MI of the posterior descending artery (ST elevation in II, III and aVf I think....) and then up in a Cardiology ward, seeing patients with murmurs and listening to them.

My turn to do the examination in front of the group came, and showed how rusty I am, and how nervous I am. According to the SpR, I was too 'questioning' and not definitive about my findings, and was doubling back to things I had forgotten rather than leaving it until the end and saying "I would also....".

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