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Monday, April 14, 2008

Fishy goings on

You may remember that my sister wanted Goldfish in bowls as the table centres for the reception. Well I had hired Butcher Boy to be the one who organised this. All was going well until we found that:
  • most pet shops would only sell us 5 fish maximum
  • they demanded name and address
  • they will only sell you 2 without a water sample
  • one fish shop had fin rot
Thus Friday morning involved Butcher Boy in a high speed chase across Lanarkshire & Cumbria with 66 litres of treated water, collecting fish as he went, before arriving at the hotel to be faced with 11 bowls and 24kg of gravel and 90 minutes to make it all happen. He did, and earned my Mum's praise!


Lily said...

What's the plan for the little fishies now? If only they were postable... I've been meaning to get new goldfish for the past 4 years but I haven't got around to visiting a pet shop!

Dragonfly said...

That will be quite a lot of feng shui in your house after the wedding...