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Thursday, May 1, 2008

End of term feeling?

Today was the end of the timetable.....my life is technically empty from now until May 19th, which is kinda scary. I am thinking of getting together with some others for some brainstorming and clinical skills practice stuff. there is a minor issue that the Clinical Skills area is closed due to flooding this week, and the Year 5 final OSCE for the next 2 weeks.

I now have all my exam details - candidate number, OSCE locations (Victoria Infirmary * Med School), OSCE times (Wednesday 21st 3.30-5.20pm and Thursday 22nd 10am-11am), written exam location - Kelvin Gallery - no idea where that is though!

I also bumped into the head of year yesterday after the lecture, and we had a quick chat - she thinks I will be fine in the exams and that I should have words with my family about their decisions to die near exams! It was all said in a nice way though. So everyone is telling me that I can do well and will do well.....

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