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Monday, June 9, 2008

BB boredom

E4 have done it again. Their summer schedule is now in place, which means large chunks of their schedule devoted to Big Brother. I thought that the pre-series 1 documentary (in 2000) about BB in other countries was quite funny, series 1 was interesting, series 2 was ok, but series 3-8 were starting to look like grasping at straws with the people becoming more eccentric, and the
tasks becoming ever more bizarre and attempting to grab headlines.

The people this year seem very odd, slightly fake and not that representative of Britain, or even any subset.

Maybe I am just old and grumpy, but it only ever gets interesting on Friday's and the final 2 days. Regular readers may notice that I made a similar rant last year.

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DundeeMedStudent not logged in said...

heh I watched the first night until the boy from Edinburgh appeared, why are all the Scots in BB utter loons?

Now no more BB this year for me.