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Monday, June 16, 2008

Here it is - Monday again

Well the past week has been a bit of a blur - back working at Somerfield, Uni examboards, and the tech for out biggest event of the year.

The tech went well after a few teething problems on setup day (Thursday). On Thursday I found out that I was to be operating lights for the 3 performance (Thurs, Fri, Sat). This meant a Friday 10am meeting with the in-house Lighting guy who ran through the desk and took some of our programme notes about the look of the event and how much coverage we needed to light the choir of 400, the band, conductor and soloists - a very full stage! Programming complete, it was then my job to actually run the lighting each night, and between the various demands of a dim choir during soloists versus the need for bright lighting for the cameras, I think I achieved an artistic medium. There were a few mistakes and some missed cues, especially on the conductor, but all in all I think I did ok, and it was nice to be able to hear a gig properly from the middle of the audience.

The event derig lasted til about 1.30am, then I escorted the video kit back to Edinburgh, where I found myself at 2.45 with 2hrs until the first train to Glasgow, PhilT decided he was still up and about, so I grabebd a taxi and went to see him for an hour or so before heading down to the station (and having an interesting economics discussion with my taxi driver) then catching the London -Fort William Sleeper from Edinburgh to Westerton near Milngavie, then the SPT train down into Glasgow, getting home about 6.40am for a nice sleep. The guard on the sleeper even chose not to charge me, so I did Edinburgh-Glasgow for £1.40!

Work is going ok, it is nice to be back but the place is dead....with all the students away and the BBC (our previously largest local employer) having moved to Pacific Quay. Sales were up on Sunday though due to the West End Festival, and the related burgers, ice cream & apple pies for sale outside the store, and the mountain of booze for sale within the store.

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