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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fireworks on TV

Given that 4th year starts at 8.30am tomorrow, I decided not to go through to Edinburgh to see the end of festival fireworks this year. http://www.stv.tv/content/out/edinburgh_festival_2008/fireworks/index.html

STV were showing the fireworks at 10.20pm, just an hour and 20 minutes after the fireworks concert started.

However it is awful. The music takes priority over the fireworks, it is split up by the adverts, and talking bits and mini-documentaries about the fireworks, orchestra and music. It is nothing like the real thing, standing in the rain in Edinburgh and unable to hear the music except on a walkman, talking to friends and hearing the loud whooshes and bangs as the fireworks trace across the sky. the TV show is more about the concert than the music sadly........

Guess next year I'll just have to travel through and brave the packed M8 or packed trains.

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