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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Wow, what a weekend! Today is Monday, so it's Ayr......having driven rather a lot in the past 3 days, and also spent a fair ammount of time working doing techy things like building amp lands and running 9with others) approx 10km of cables in a room smaller than a tennis court, running 5 events in 2 venues, across 27 hours, and getting 12 hours sleep.

It was stressful, enjoyable, tiring, exhilerating, long, fun, heavy, work but the results were great ad everyone seemed pleased. There were no losses of temper, no shouting and only a bit of blood and tears, but plenty of sweat.

However, i dented the Ka and also cannot find my glasses. I was wearing contcats when the former happened so the 2 events are not connected!

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