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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Continuing the cheery theme....

The new Barnado's campaign is on TV and cinema's. It is hard watching, and a telling reflectiuon on an aspect of society today... for a media obsessed at the moment ith child rape, child murder and hoodies, knives and teenage gangs, what about looking at teh root causes. Are the former linked to the latter. What is cause, and what is effect......

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Lily said...

This is pretty much the same thing William Carlos Williams was doing in his short stories 50 years ago.

If you get the opportunity you should try to read a few of his short stories. He was doctor and wrote a lot about social injustice. You have to take his stories at more than face value though otherwise he seems totally callous.

The first time I saw this advert it just made me think of his story Jean Biecke. He goes on about how neglected and abused children will probably end up turning into the dregs of society.