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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This has been a week of firsts.....................
  • My first pleuritic tap...maybe next time my hand won't shake so much..... and the patient will have less excess soft tissue so I can feel the top of the rib - the tap needle must go along the top of the rib not the bottom because the neuro-vascular bundle runs along the bottom of the rib.
  • My first 12 lead ECG which I managed to set up, record and then have a go at analysing myself....though I did need some leading through it. ECG's are one of my bogey areas.
  • My first Arterial blood gases (sterile procedures) and blood cultures.
  • My first dead body in a mortuary...technically it is my second, since I saw a PM during my BSc Honours year in 2004, but this was the first where I had known /met the patient.
Many of the patients this week seem to be either very, very sick, or alternatively just bobbing along getting better slowly...more to follow later.

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elaine said...

Good to hear from you.

When I was a nurse, I wanted to see a post mortem (not wanted really, more thought that I should do)

It was following the death of a patient I had nursed and I felt quite strongly at the pm that this was a dead body not my late patient.

Funnily enough I didn't feel that when I dressed (many) bodies. At that time I felt there was still something of the person there and I would talk to them saying what I was about to do. Probably a sentimental old fool even then, but I felt the watchword was "Is this how you would wish your mother/father to be treated?"